I’m Kimberly,

“Professionally, I’m Dr. Kimberly Washburn a leadership developer, with more than 3 decades of experience working with leaders and organizations. I‘ve worked in many industries including, manufacturing, retail, high tech, hospitality, non-profit, and healthcare. I have a Masters in Management, HR Management and my Doctorate in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Leadership.

My focus has been to equip leaders with the tools they need to be exceptional people leaders. ”My passion is working with leaders - helping them to be the best they can be and bringing out the best in the people they lead. It is important that the leader knows themself and how they show up with their team. My approach is that of a coach - teaching the skill necessary, supporting the leader in implementing the skill, and then reflecting with them on the impact of the action on the work and how to improve it the next time. It’s all about learning, implementing, and continuous improvement.

“Personally, I’m a spouse to my husband, Patrick. We have been together for 33 years. Our daughter Ellen, is my co-creator in E Factor Leadership. I am an animal lover, but dogs are my favorite. Babe is a 10yr old Chiweenie we rescued from a shelter, and I have two grand-dogs Skipper and Bleiz. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for more than 30 years and currently live in Bend, OR. I enjoy walks and attending music events with my dog and husband.

I’m the Co-Creator/Daughter, Ellen.

I'm a creative with a passion for leading others to their desired potential personally and professionally. I am also, a gardener, painter and the spouse of a military service member, we have two dogs, we travel around the country with, and have lived in 6 states in the last 10 years.

Currently in Virginia. I've experienced the ins and outs of various industries; Insurance sales, hospitality and food service, fashion retail, collision services, banking and customer care, visual merchandising and creative services. I have a Bachelor's in Sociology and am a student of neuroleadership, herbalism, and gardening

My mother and business co-creator is Kimberly. She is an innovator, and scholar of all things HR, communications and leadership, and my father is a creative and sales genius, They included me in all their ventures and encouraged me to take my own adventures.

I’m excited to help you get you to where you want to be.

Together, We are E FACTOR

E Factor Leadership provides you with the tools to explore these areas of your leadership style so that you can be the best leader you can be, to create the best Experience for your team members, customers and clients.

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Kimberly is incredible, and so committed to the result. Dedicated and so full of knowledge. She’s a resource I will continue to use.

- Kate

The energy Ellen has is unmatched, just engaging in conversation with her gives your day a boost and better perspective

- lydia

Their knowledge in the employee experience and workplace engagement field is vast and their approach feels holistic and custom to me and my current business needs

- Rebecca

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